Thursday, December 27, 2012


Autohotkey is a capable Windows macro and hot key creator. Below is a script I use for general use. The key feature is the password holder. If your company forbids storing passwords in a browser or other spots this may be an alternative.

Steps to get this to work:
  1. Install Autohotkey
  2. Input the below text into notepad and save as an *.ahk file.
  3. Save the file somewhere and add the shortcut to the startup folder
  4. The bottom hot keys are popup messages that have a quick menu of your hot keys
  5. Change everything in red to something useful, like your name.
  6. Let me know if you have questions. 

Inputbox for password
Inputbox, pwdd, Your Password,,HIDE,220,90
;Custom variables
FormatTime, STime, ,h:mm tt
;Signatures and Hotkeys
job title
Job title

::ppp::Please let me know if you have any questions.
sendinput name{TAB}%pwdd%
sendinput name{TAB}%pwdd%{TAB}
sendinput email@address{TAB}%pwdd%
sendinput %pwdd%
::qws:: name
::eee:: email@address
^1::Send {ALTDOWN}{Numpad1}{Numpad4}{ALTUP}  ; this a music note
^4::Send {ALTDOWN}{Numpad0}{Numpad1}{Numpad2}{Numpad8}{ALTUP} ; this is a Euro symbol
#t::Run "C:\Users\name\AHK\TimeStamp.ahk" ; this is a time stamp 
;Execute Commands
;Open Windows and Websites
#a::Run cmd /k "cd c:\windows\system32" ; opens COMMAND prompt
MButton::WinActivate, ahk_class rctrl_renwnd32 ; this navigates to Outlook when opened
!z::Run z:\
!h::MsgBox,,List of Hotkeys,
WinKey+C = Computer Management
WinKey+G = Google
WinKey+N = Notepad++
Alt+C = calculator
Alt+Z = z:\
^h::MsgBox,,List of HotStrings,
qws = username
eee = email@address
?/ = ¿
!/ = ¡
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