Saturday, January 12, 2013

Janki - Carnegie Hall

Problem 2: We Give Up Too Soon
The saying goes the only way to get to Carnegie Hall is to practice. So to it is with all things worth doing.

The hardest part so far in this process is making the cards each day. Looking for useful cards seems to be a challenge for me. I'm going to change my focus and stop assuming that I know what I'll need to remember and just add cards for every little thing I can. The trick to this process, as I see it, not just 'Google it' at every turn, but rather commit as much to memory as possible.

I see how this helps in the end result of programming in that you're not switching back and forth from the actual coding process and Google searching. Since your focus is constantly shifting you can get more done.

Using the flash cards is pretty easy and kind of fun. I've made the time for review and keep my tablet handy for adding cards. Overall, I see positive benefit in the Janki Method.

I plan on developing a GUI n00bs that will assist in creating hotkeys as a project to coincide with the Janki method experiment. Hopefully, I won't give up too soon.

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