Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Janki - Forgetting

I ran across a Lifehacker article just as I'm working more and more with coding. The Janki Method is labor intensive but I believe it will wield positive results. I'm going to follow along until March 1st and update my progress regularly. Hopefully, this will help with my madd blogging skillz as well.

The non-programmers lament
I've been acquainted with Autohotkey for some time now and believe it to be a very well developed tool for non-programmers with high level technical skills. I've recently been delving deeper into WindowsPE at work and have needed more than regular batch files to make something user-friendly that works consistently.
As in my last post, Autohotkey is awesome. I do find myself repeatedly referring to the AHK website too frequently for my tastes and would like to develop a broader knowledge pool. This is where the Janki Method comes in.

I am going to review problem one today and in the coming weeks followup with the remaining steps as well provide tips for success and my progress with learning Autohotkey.

The first problem is: We Forget Too Quickly.

The opening question in the problem is:
Have you ever spent a week studying for an exam, only to forget 90% of what you learned within 2 months and everything else within a year?

This is tough. Studying should be about practice and not reading or listening, IMO. However, how do we know what we need to practice if we do not read it somewhere? Chicken and egg. We're told here that forgetting impedes learning knowledge-intensive skills such as programming. The problem is that programming is about reading and retaining information for use later on.
Programming it seems (again I'm not a programmer by trade) is to write code in such a way as to be efficient with that particular language.  How can we be efficient with the English language or in AHK? It's basically the same and forgetting is a key roadblock to both.
The nuts and bolts of the Janki Method is flash cards. Don't be surprised. Small bites of information (excuse the pun) can easily be learned from rote. The program recommended is Anki and has it's own tools to help you repeat the flash cards you've a hard time remembering while at the same time reviewing the overall deck.
So if forgetting is the problem, remembering is the solution. By writing a flash card for each new bite of knowledge and reviewing it later that day, then later that week and so on, you will expand your skill set.
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