Thursday, December 27, 2012


Autohotkey is a capable Windows macro and hot key creator. Below is a script I use for general use. The key feature is the password holder. If your company forbids storing passwords in a browser or other spots this may be an alternative.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Process Explorer

Not too much more can be said about Process Explorer than has already been said. However, there's one little tip I found by accident.

One day while troubleshooting a particular piece of malware I copied the Process Explorer file to a user's computer but renamed it procex.exe (instead of the standard procexp.exe). This little mistake was invaluable. The malware I was removing was coded to stop task manager, Symantec AV and Process Explorer programs from starting. Clever.I found that by renaming it the malware was not searching for it and I could open the program and subsequently kill the malware and finish the clean up operation with little effort.

From that point on I have a folder with renamed single executable files ready to wreak havoc on most all malware.