Monday, January 21, 2013

Janki - Context

Focusing on adding cards has been difficult this last week. There's so much good data and I'm trying just to add it all in without regard to what's needed. Hence rereading Problem 3:
We Learn Out Of Context

The Janki Method is intended to help learn programming. It's not intended to help learn about programming if you catch my meaning. And so I fell trap to just entering in any old data instead of applying what I needed for the day into flash card format. So I lost focus. Lesson learned.

Details are important. And the right details matter when completing a project or doing day to day work. I'm a computer guy, so I shouldn't be learning about vacuum repair with the intent to become better at computers. There's plenty of detail in mastering the craft of vacuum repair but few overlapping skills.

In trying complete my task of inputting card data and reviewing them each day I just created any random cards from Autohotkey and some other sources. Again, this was a mistake. I can truly the past week little was learned because of it.
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